Palau white clay

The ingredients of the white clay moisturize and make your skin beautiful”.
The white clay include miracle of nature, “Milky Way” in Palau has effect of making skin beautiful and well moisturized. The results have been proved through a scientific research institute.
FEATURED Palau white clay

“To keep your skin beautiful”

Melanin is the cause of suntans and produced in melanocyte.

(A) The nutrient medium including the cell of melanocyte and the white clay essence.
(B) The nutrient medium including the cell of melanocyte only

We left and observed the (A) and (B) for two or three days. The result of the (B) showed that it was making plenty of dark melanin. However, in light of the result of (A), the generation of the melanin was reduced.

According to this result, we found that the function of melanocytes was much stronger than placenta or vitamin C, and the effect, which white clay essence has to make beautiful skin, was proven. Also, the white clay has an inhibitory effect on tyrosinase which is another cause of generating melanin. (Figure 1)

The result is nearly 100 times more than placenta. From these two kinds of effect, the white clay is believed to be beneficial as a skin treatment and the cell activity.

“To keep your skin moisturized”

Dry air can be a cause of all sorts of skin troubles, such as wrinkles and pimples.
Avoiding dryness of the skin is the most important basics to keep skin healthy.
To test this, we prepared;
Gel A), no active ingredient
Gel B), added 0.1% white clay essence
Gel C), placenta essence,
and applied them to three people who have dry skin and measured the amount of moisture in the skin.
As a result, the effect of B is much higher than the effect of C and its good effect continued even after 6 hours.

This result proved that the white clay has a better moisturizing effect than placenta.

“To keep your skin youthful”

Youthful skin means skin is supple and elastic.
The white clay promote production of collagen, it also consolidates the organization of collagen. These effects of white clay improve skin tone against aging.