(our vision)
Since start-up in November 2010, we are developing sales of our products in about four thousand (4,000) stores nationwide today.
Our products are handled mainly by variety shops including sundry shops and drug stores having the support of many customers.
We would hereby express warm thanks for the support given by the respective companies.

In the meanwhile as the company is in the transition requiring strengthening of overseas development, we are day after day proceeding with the construction of overseas business so that our brand, products and services can be penetrated in many more countries and areas and communication with many more customers can be expanded.

We are going to accelerate deployment and market development as soon as possible in every scene of the world business, starting from the Asian emerging countries that have undergone rapid growth in recent years as a business core to the north-and-south Americas, European countries and even in Africa.

We assume that compatibility to the global standards, specifications and rules and regulations, not limited to the ones for specified countries, areas or companies is one of the most requisite requirements for the companies to strengthen and survive in the world where globalization has been accelerated.

Concerning the quality of products, we are and we have been sticking to the skin-friendly ingredients and carrying-out thorough examinations in Japan boasting the world’s best quality, the company would be proud to provide products that can be used more safely and with more security.

Everyday all the staff members of the company will perform their duties in the overseas development, by setting the above-said global standards as the outline of the brand, by strengthening of the products’ quality control and by enhancement of the quality levels.
We are looking forward to hear the offer from partner companies domestically and internationally, who would become bridges (“representatives” or “agencies”) of the brands intending to dominate the future overseas market in cooperation with our company.

If you would like to become our business partner, please feel free to contact us to the following contact. Please supply us with your company information and requests at the same time.

Overseas Division,