Privacy policy

Policy on the Protection of Personal Information (Declaration)
The company recognizes that personal information is one of our important assets (legal benefits). We also consider that it is a corporate social responsibility to properly manage and protect it. The company has, therefore, determined the basic policy in the handling of personal information of the customers, trading partners, directors and employees of our company, as a company that is committed to provide “Safety and Security” to everyone.
We hereby declare to abide-by this policy and to strive to protect the relevant personal information.

(1) Privacy Policy (Declaration)

The “Personal Information” listed in the policy implies “personally identifiable information.” It involves also such information available to identify a person by collating with other information. Example) Personal name, age, birth date, phone number, e-mail address, address, place of employment, credit card number, bank account number, etc.

(2) Management of personal information and continued implementation

The company will, in order to properly protect personal information, determine management system and handling methods including method of custody, appoint an overall personal information controller and thoroughly communicate to be executed by the directors and employees (including temporary employees and dispatched employees) and other persons concerned. The company will also execute review on the management methods on an ongoing basis.

(3) Implementation of employee education

The company will implement training of employees regularly on handling of personal information in order to ensure the protection of personal information.

(4) Implementation of information security

The company has prepared and executed the Information Security Policy and has implemented security measures, in order to protect risks of information leakage and tampering.

(5) Acquiring of personal information

The company will acquire personal information by lawful and fair means. The company will also inform on the purpose and range of use before acquiring.

(6) Use of personal information

The company will observe the priory informed purpose and range of use whenever using the personal information involved.

(7) Sharing of personal information

1. The company may have occasions to outsource a business handling the personal information within the range of the use purpose. At that time the company assesses completely on the management capability of the consignment partner, makes arrangements on the personal information, monitors and ensures the safety management of the personal information.
2. The company will never disclose or provide personal information to a third party except for the said outsourced consignment partner without consent of the person. On an occasion, however, when asked for the disclosure by law or by the order of a public institution including court of justice or police station, the company may disclose or provide it without consent of the person involved.

(8) Response to inquiries/requests on the personal information

The company will take necessary actions whenever a request is offered from the subject person for the disclosure, revision, suspension of use or elimination of the personal information, after confirming an identity and except for either of the following cases.

1. When it is likely to cause harm life, body, property or other rights/interests of the subject person or a third party.
2. When there is a significant risk of harmful interference in the proper implementation of the company’s business.
3. If it could lead to violation of other laws and regulations.

Contact for inquiries on the Personal Information:
Hours:10:00~19:00 (Except for Saturday, Sunday and Holiday)

(9) Compliance with other laws and regulations

The company shall be compliance with the Japanese laws, norms, and guidelines involved in the protection of personal information.